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Background History

Property Lawyer Singapore

LegallySmart started with one of our founder’s ambition to excel in the corporate world. Upon signing an employment contract for a business development position, an exciting career was just starting to take flight. In no time, alongside great execution, the firm’s clientele doubled, generating hundreds of contracts. The valuable lessons learned from this past employment and undying passion to make things work in a more systematic, ethical, faster and cheaper way gradually turned into the motivation for the founding of LegallySmart. A founding partner was found with the same sentiments and beliefs to push this forward together. We are not a law firm. LegallySmart is an exclusive online conveyancing service platform that links up prospective clients with lawyers from various law firms.

We started out with a small team of individuals — specialists in the housing and real estate industry as well as our founders’ joint years of experience in the legal industry. Since then, LegallySmart has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in helping buyers, sellers, and investment savvy individuals in the property market close their transactions with ease. Specifically, we represented the conveyancing branch of law firms, reaching out to potential clients and allowing such firms to act in their buying and selling transaction, refinancings, but also setting up wills, lasting powers of attorney, and generally sourcing for lawyers that would best suit our clients’ needs.

Since then, we have moved on to managing intermediaries such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, as well as mortgage bankers from various financial institutions. From these avenues, we have gained the trust and respect of all the stakeholders and generated and transacted tens of thousands of property searches in Singapore. Having said that, we had faced and resolved many challenges in this competitive and service oriented industry. These prompted us to recognize issues clients were facing when using law firms and to take things in our own hands with the creation of LegallySmart. We want to be productive, structured, efficient, convenient and clear in communicating to prospective customers, existing clients and stakeholders alike.